3 Best Upgrades For The Money in Cleveland

You’ve recently purchased what you had originally thought to be your dream home, equipped with large bedrooms and well-built bathrooms. However, the kitchen isn’t up to par and does not satisfy the requirements of your family.

Remodels are invaluable home improvements that completely transform rooms, by providing repairs, installing new features, and creating new spaces.  These are essentially upgrades to your home that add value by driving the price of your home upwards.

However, upgrading your home requires an extensive investment and on average something as simple as a bathroom addition in the Avon Lake area costs upwards of $90,000.

Renovations are expensive, you must choose options that are the most cost-effective. Your decision should choose practical upgrades that benefit household members, increase the value of your property, and add to the beauty of your home. Through this article, we’ve listed down 3 of the best upgrades you should consider.

Enhance The Curb Appeal

First up a great home upgrade you should consider is to replace the old entryway of your home with something more modern. Additionally, entry doors wear out and require replacement. In both cases, a great upgrade is to create a Grand Entrance.

As a homeowner you should consider expanding the door frame from a simple 3-0/6-8 to a larger 12-36-12 frame, this will support both the door and dual sidelights. This layout could be further customized with a fiberglass door and a decorative half-glass panel.

The advantage offered by fiberglass doors is that they can be made to resemble wood and prove sturdier than regular doors in a variety of weather conditions. Furthermore, the doors come in various color options; you can choose the perfect color with accompanying designs to create a lavish entrance.

From an investment standpoint, a Grand Entrance is a great value addition to your home. In Cleveland, a grand entrance will cost around $9200. This may seem like a lot, but it is also one of the most valuable upgrades in the Cleveland area as it recoups for 99% of the cost incurred.

This particular upgrade is advantageous if you plan on selling your Cleveland area home anytime soon.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen sees the greatest amount of traffic in any home, as it is both a functional area and a social space. If you feel like the countertops are outdated and require the installation of an island-styled counter, you should consider a minor kitchen remodel. This includes replacing cabinets, upgrading faucets, sinks, and a new paint job.

As a homeowner that is concerned about the cost vs. value proposition do not fret! This is a worthy upgrade that in 2019 sees 92% returns. Minor kitchen remodels in Cleveland cost $23,000 with an amazing return value of $21,000, if you’re interested in selling your home in Avon in the future, this is a great renovation to invest in.

You could update your counters with granite ones and introduce a new flooring to match the new paint job. Furthermore, consider purchasing energy efficient appliances to reduce the utility bill, which serves to reciprocate the amount of money you’re shelling out for the new project.  Additionally, updating cabinet finishes with contemporary handles will completely change the look of your space.

Window Replacements

Often overlooks, windows add to the aesthetic look of your home and enhance the beauty for both you and passersby that gaze upon the magnificent structure of your home. Additionally, by upgrading your home with vinyl panes you can also decrease the ever rising utility bills. Energy efficient designs offer better insulation that make your house warmer and lower heating bills.

Furthermore, we add window replacements in our list of the best money-minded upgrades as this project increases the value of your home. In Cleveland, it costs $17,000 and will sell for $14,000 recovering more than 80% of your investment. As windows are always visible upgrading them increases the curb appeal of your home and drives up the aesthetic property value.

Window replacements upgrades apart from utilizing vinyl panes could feature a molded design and a new apron to match it. The existing frame can be upgraded for a larger one to let in more sunlight and inversely you could decrease the size if you enjoy your privacy. Window replacements aren’t considered a minor upgrade and depending on the size of your remodel you may need to get professionals to perform the upgrade. The 3 upgrades listed above are by far the best to consider in regards to the costs. In addition to being practical upgrades that beautify your home, each greatly increases the value of your home versus the cost put in.

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