5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Go KAZAM!

The kitchen is the heart of a house, frequented by family members during early mornings, late nights and all hours in-between. It is a place to hone your culinary skills and extends to functioning as a communal space too. In modern living, it adds value to your home and provides a space for families to bond and entertain guests.

As a shared space a kitchen needs to be designed intentionally well, blending aesthetics with functionality. Designing a kitchen can be an exhausting experience, and thanks to the plethora of layouts and styles to choose from, finalizing plans can be grueling.

 Like all efficiently designed spaces, it needs to fit your lifestyle while showcasing a sense of purpose. With a little planning and a few simple tricks, even fixer uppers can prove worthy in the quest of building the perfect kitchen.

Update Cabinets

An average kitchen overhaul costs around $20,000-$50,000, depending on the magnitude of the improvements. The cabinets are usually the first elements to be upgraded when renovating a kitchen.

On a tight budget, a few simple tricks can add the same remarkable difference that new installations guarantee.
Repainting or varnishing cabinets upgrades them to a clean new look. Additionally, using paint with a primer in its chemical composition saves time and money on multiple coats.

Recent trends feature a two-tone kitchen where top shelves are splashed with lighter hues to add height to the room, making it appear spacious. Empty spaces between bulky low hanging cabinets and the ceiling can be fitted with panel-framed plywood boxes. This provides extra storage and uplifts the height of the room. To add further depth and class to your cabinets, add new trimmings along their edges.

Upgrade Countertop & Floor

On a luxury budget, upgrading to a new marble or granite countertop adds glamour to an otherwise dreary space. However, on stricter budgets, you may cover surfaces with Vinyl laminates that create the illusion of textured wood or marble at a fraction of the cost. Keep the countertops at an ideal 24” with an overhang to avoid stains from spillage. Place bar stools along the length for extra functionality and a modern appeal.

On a big budget you can opt for hardwood on floors, which adds a lux feel. On a tighter budget you can paint the floor with stencils to add drama, or stick fake vinyl flooring mimicking the look of a real hardwood floor. Rugs add a personal touch, reflecting the home owner’s personality; you can add splashes of color and luxury by opting for Ikat or Persian prints.

Customize walls

If you are plagued by a hideous paint job or walls stained with cooking accidents, install a new backsplash. Available in a variety of shades, removable vinyl wallpapers mimic the texture and appeal of tiles but at less than half the cost.

The seamless application process is as easy as peeling and sticking, requiring a lot less manual effort in comparison to the installation of real tiles. Recent design trends focus on Subway tiles; hexagonal, beehive, or vintage prints. If you have love for theatrics, 3D depth designs can add an immaculate and dramatic appeal.

Space it out

An ideal kitchen that utilizes space in the most efficient way should follow an equilateral design philosophy. This means the cooking range, sink, and fridge must be in the shape of an equilateral triangle, equidistant from each other.

All three elements must be placed closer to reduce the distance of travel when preparing food. The element where you spend the most time interacting with family in your home in Cleveland should be adjacent to the seating location. Focus on the activity you are most likely to do in the kitchen, for example washing dishes rather than cooking – and plan your triangle from that point.

Upgrade the hardware

Kitchen hardware is often overlooked when redecorating, yet it has an immense impact on the feel of the kitchen. Handles, cabinet pulls, and knobs remain in frequent use hence their shape and design needs to be comfortable and durable.

Essentially hardware refers to the accents that elevate the aesthetics of the cabinets while bringing out the room’s cohesiveness. Tuscan designs add a contrast to cool-toned paneled cabinets while contemporary designs add a modern touch to the room. Additionally, you can update existing hardware with a fresh coat of spray paint to bring about some novelty. A good kitchen is homely, easy to maneuver in, and stirs sentiments. It should inspire you to create and become a place where familial bonds blossom. By planning and applying a few updates, it becomes easy to add layers into your living space, and make your kitchen go Kazam!

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