Guide To Bay Village Recreations And Parks

Guide To Bay Village Recreations And Parks

Located towards the west of Cleveland, Ohio, the city of Bay Village has everything! From good schools to affordable housing, and plenty of beaches and parks, this small community is the perfect place for families and young couples.

Besides having a friendly neighborhood, plenty of outdoor activities, shopping, and entertainment stops, Bay Village is also home to the famous Huntington Reservation.

What most people don’t know is that Bay Village also has five amazing parks – Bradley Park, Cahoon Memorial Park, Reese Park, Walker Road Park, and the Skate & Bike Park. If you’re looking for the perfect place to settle down, find a Bay Village home for sale today to enjoy all the perks, and parks, that this city offers.

Bradley Park

Located on the West end of Bay Village, Bradley Park offers a lot to sport enthusiasts. With facilities like Baseball and Soccer fields, Basketball Court, Sand Volleyball Court, and a Playground Area – Bradley Park has something for everyone.

In addition to a tennis facility with 5 tennis courts which is open to the public, the park also has an exercise trail of half a mile.

Spread over approximately 16 acres, the park has many restrooms and a Bay Lodge, making it perfect for a weekend getaway. The best part is that you can also bring your pets – albeit on a leash – for an afternoon of activity and fun.

Reese Park

Reese Park is comparatively smaller, approximately 6 acres, located on the east end of Bay Village. With amenities such as a fully accessible ADA playground, tennis courts, basketball courts and a pickleball court, this park is the perfect place to bring your family for a fun-filled day.

The park also offers indoor bathrooms, outdoor ice skating, and permits pets as well – don’t forget to bring your dog along on your walk at this scenic park.

Cahoon Memorial Park

Cahoon Memorial Park is at the center of Bay Village, between the Dover Center and the MetroParks. It is an open field park located near Lake Erie, and is known for its annual Bay Days Carnival, and Independence Day fireworks.

Families and young adults visiting this park should not miss the historic Rose Hill Museum, Bay Village Community House, and the Memorial Rose Garden. The Cahoon Memorial Park also has an outdoor ice skating rink, perfect for children and adults.

Walker Road Park

Walker Road Park is located on the west end of Bay Village, right at its edge – in Avon Lake to be exact. The park is shared by residents of the two cities, and has a number of amenities such as an exercise trail, soccer fields, and a pond.

While kayaking or boating is typically not permitted in the pond, the Recreational Department hosts periodic events where residents can enjoy both activities. You can also go fishing in the pond – however, it’s important to note that you will require a license to do so.

Overall, it’s a great park for families and children looking for a bit of adventure.

Skate & Bike Park

Built in 2010 with the help of residents, the Bay Village Skate and Bike recreation park is the favorite hangout spot of skateboarders and bikers. As a well maintained park, this is the ideal place for adults and teenagers to gather and practice their skating or biking skills.

Bay Village has a lot to offer to families and young adults alike; with such close proximity to wonderful parklands, residents or those looking to buy a home can easily live an active and healthy lifestyle. When you’ve fully explored all the parks in the city, you can move on to the beaches and a host of other activities in the city. Overall, a house in Bay Village city is well worth the investment. As a safe and beautiful neighborhood, with a caring community, Bay Village is the perfect place for you to break free from the hectic pace of city life and settle down with your family.

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