Top 5 Real Estate Selling Tips

  1. Potpourri and scented candles can sometimes be a turn-off to a buyer. Not all scents are pleasing to everyone – and some buyers may wonder what odors you’re trying to cover up. Instead, let natural scents give a welcoming, homey touch – bake some cookies right before an Open House; light a fire in the fireplace; open a window for some fresh air; place a vase of cut flowers on the table.
  2. It is nearly impossible to keep your home in top “showing mode” at all times. One you have cleaned and cleared out the clutter for an Open House, try to keep clutter at a minimum – but don’t refuse a last-minute showing. You don’t want to lose a potential sales opportunity.
  3. Empty rooms can actually seem smaller – leading a buyer to assume the home is too small for their needs. If you must remove your furniture when selling, consider leaving a single piece in each of the main rooms. A small desk, accent table or bench can give a room a sense of scale.
  4. Space, space space! Potential buyers today are looking for wide-open kitchen counters and bathroom sink tops. Get rid of all but the most basic of items – the Kuerig coffee maker or a small hand towel . Edit your kitchen cabinets, pantries, bathroom vanity, linen closets and bookshelves. Remove as much as possible to allow the buyer to envision their own items in the space. Box up loads of books, dishes, blankets. The advantage: you’re well on your way to packing for your move!
  5. Know the market value of your home and others in your neighborhood. When interviewing agents, you’ll know which ones can speak professionally and accurately about your sales prospects. Be realistic in your selling price – it can make the difference between a quick sale or a home that sits on the market for many months.

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